Lab Spheroidizer

Lab Spheroidizer helps to convert needles from the extruder to a fixed size of the pellet. These types of equipment conform with the clean goods manufacturing process standards and are highly efficient, safe and clean equipment at an affordable price from the Shree Bhagwati (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Shree Bhagwati Mechtech (India) Pvt.Ltd compact NewLABOspher’oidizer high precise technology is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, Agro chemical and food industries. Featuring mechatronis and confirming to the requirement of cGMP. It is a high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for convert needles from extruder to fixed size of the pellet formed.

The Lab Spher’oidizer Equipment has chequered plate rotating at variable speed, the design of the plate depends on the size of pellets being processed in the drum. A Layering equipment used for drug loading and coating application is a modification of spher’oidizer with different plates and nozzle option.

NEW DESIGN FEATURES of Laboratory and Pilot Scale Equipment

  • Designed strictly compliance with the stipulation of cGMP
  • Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316 L Quality
  • Simple & compact Design for Easy to operate, clean, convenient & user friendly.
  • Dynamically balanced chequered plate having easy removable for cleaning.
  • AC Variable speed up to 2800 RPM for chequered plate
  • Available different model for batch size 50 Gram to 500 Gram batch size.
  • Optional available different pitch checker plate to make different size of pallet.
  • Discharge assembly with leak tight fitting.