Fluid Bed Dryer

Shree Bhagwati Mechtech’s newly designed Fluid Bed Dryer conforms to the clean goods manufacturing norms and comes with an inbuilt PLC operated system. It gives an optimum result and helps to dry the wet solid in a set time by making the use of fluidization principle.


What is the Application and Process of Fluid Bed Dryer?

A compactly designed instrument according to manufacturing norms with the concept of providing optimum results and drying the wet solid in given time, Fluid Bed Dryer is a known device in different industries.

The Fluid Bed Processing System is ideal for products in Pharmaceuticals, Food & Dairy Industry and Chemicals & Biochemical Industries which are sensitive as well as insensitive to heat. It includes the process of cooling, agglomeration and speedy drying of microparticles. It is mainly used for drying products such as granules, powders, plastics, tablets and many more.

The Lab dryer works on the principle of fluidization. In this process, the static state with heavy density changes into dynamic state with liquid like movement allows the operation of drying with smoothness.

The machine has a solid particle bed where the particles are spun by passing of air stream towards the upside through special perforated sheets designed for this process. The velocity of air in the upward direction is maintained in order to lift the particles to move them. The same motion is then utilized to mix the particles as well as move them ahead. The processed and heated air is then passed through them to dry the solid particles. The fluid processor is designed in such a manner that the particles are then glued to bigger particles and result as granules.

The Dryer include controlled air velocity, volume of the bowl and maintenance of direction along with temperature of clean inlet air is done through retarding, fluidization, filtration area and expansion chambers. The Fluid Dryer also comes with properly sealed leak proof space for fluidization, electrically and pneumatically controlled processes, filter material and holed pitches located at the bottom of the product’s container.

Bhagwati Mechtech’s Fluid Dryer also ensures uniform drying of each and every particle coming out of the container through maintaining the velocity of hot air. The machinery is designed in such a manner that it makes sure the granules do not stick to each other.

Option for the process parameters are controlled by using latest PLC controls. These Controls come with an HMI touch screen, thus making equipment operationally safe. This feature provides another benefit of eliminating the possibility of any kind of human error. Consistency in the process is maintained for each batch from time to time with the help of batch records.

The inbuilt cleaning in place(CIP) system in the fluid bed dryer device ensures to deliver clean devices used in different batches to remove any doubt of contamination between the batches. Fluid Bed Dryers are selected for utilizations where maximum efficiency and optimum outputs are the first priority. The design of the device is in such a way that it also looks after the products and make sure there is no contamination in the product.

It is also known for less energy consumption as compared to other dryers. Another benefit of Fluidized-Bed Dryer is that it takes less amount of space.


What are the Important Features of Fluid Bed Dryer?

  • Product container with Sampling Pot.
  • Dynamic balance fan contained in Exhaust Air Blower.
  • Electrically and Pneumatically controlled panel.
  • FDA approved washable filter media.
  • Pneumatically sealed filter bag and product container through an inflatable silicon rubber tube.
  • CGMP based designs.
  • Filter bag shaking system auto-pneumatically.
  • AISI 316 material for contact parts and AISI 304 material for non-contact parts.
  • Batch sizes from 30kg to 500kg capacity as per the requirements.
  • Inbuilt isolation vents and explosion vents for protection purpose.
  • Temperature of Inlet Air is controlled automatically.
  • Automatic time control of process cycles.
  • HEPA, Heat Exchanger in Electric or Steam and Micro types Air Filter in Inlet Air Handler.
  • More of filter bag housing as compared to integrated retarding expansion chamber in Single Device.

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Know the Optional Features of Fluidized Bed Equipment

  • Electric or Steam Heater
  • System for detecting flow of Solid
  • Double checking air handling unit with a Dehumidifier.
  • WIP & CIP systems
  • Pressure Gauge according to Different Filters.
  • Added Container for Product.
  • HMI for Advanced PLC controls.
  • Filter contained in Exhaust AHU.
  • Blast proof push button & motor.
  • Exhaust blower with Silencer.
  • S.304 for contact parts & epoxy paint for non-contact parts in standard Bed Dryer.


Important Safety Features One Must Know

  • Earthing system made for safety from static current.
  • Emergency button for stop and relay protection for overload.
  • Controls for Process Cycles and Automated Controls and Temperature.
  • Interlocking system in Product Bowl in Fluid Bed Dryer.
  • The pressure limit remains in check due to installingan air pressure switch.
  • Retarding chamber with explosion flap.


Technical Specifications that Suits Your Fluid Bed Dryer Needs

Container Volume
Batch Capacity
Drying Temp.
Blower Motor
Heating loads
Steam consumption
Bhagwati – 30
Atm. to 85
Bhagwati -60
Atm. to 85
Bhagwati – 120
Atm. to 85
Bhagwati -200
Atm. to 85
Please contact us for more details.
Bhagwati -250
Atm. to 85
Bhagwati -300
Atm. to 85
Bhagwati -500
Atm. to 85